Climate Change and Housing

Palo Alto and other bay area suburbs have led the nation in environmental policies to reduce Green House Gas emissions and protect our open spaces. But climate change is happening faster than we predicted and every jurisdiction must determine how to address this crisis. Our greenest neighborhoods are also our most dense. Electric vehicles are good but fewer cars on the road are better. How can we re-think the way we design neighborhoods to promote more energy efficient, sustainable cities with robust parks and open spaces? Read more

Book Drive: The Color of Law

Book Drive: The Color of Law Learn more!  Read more

Honoring and Reflecting on Racial Justice

May is Affordable Housing Month!!

City Council discusses limiting PHZ

Join us to speak out on Monday, April 12th when City Council votes to prohibit apartments on 87% of Palo Alto's residential land and disproportionately raise the fees to build them. Read Palo Alto Forward's letter hereRead Steve Levy's letter and blog post here Read this post for more details.  Read more


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