Forbidden Homes Tour

What better way to spend a sunny September Saturday morning than a walk around the block with twenty five other housing advocates?  The Forbidden Homes Tour, Palo Alto edition was a great way to explore the naturally dense, walkable neighborhood of Downtown South in Palo Alto, and to have a candid discussion about why Palo Alto has been experiencing extreme inaffordability.     Read more

Sign the Cubberley Housing Petition!

Sign the petition here! Palo Alto Forward urges the community to consider the benefits of the Cubberley site for adding some much needed housing in Palo Alto.  In particular, the site offers an excellent opportunity for a number of kinds of housing: Teacher housing--all of the master plan housing scenarios put forward by the consultant propose some number of teacher workforce units.  Palo Alto Forward strongly supports this effort to provide more affordable housing options for these valued members of our community. Senior housing--the proposed Cubberley site promises to create a community village that would be an appealing location for subsidized, lower income senior housing or other below market rate uses. Market rate housing combined with BMR units. The inclusion of some smaller market rate units can fill a missing market niche while providing the leverage to get additional BMR units. We believe that housing can be added into a small portion of the site without in any way diminishing the recreational areas and opportunities. The redevelopment of the Cubberley site offers the opportunity to upgrade recreational and community uses while at the same time adding needed housing. Palo Alto Forward looks forward to participating in the future of this important project.

Don't be afraid, be informed about the CASA compact

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the CASA compact and related legislation, such as state bill SB50.  Much of the conversation has been misleading as many options are still being considered and a final legislation has not been adopted. Palo Alto Forward strongly supports the principles of the CASA compact, which form the basis for a large amount of the state’s legislative efforts around housing.  The Committee to House the Bay Area (CASA) compact was developed over the past year and a half by committees composed of advocates for low-income residents, non-profit and market rate developers, labor, business and environmental groups and city representatives. The meetings were public and included extensive public comment. Read more

CASA Compact FAQ

In this post, we try to answer some questions about the CASA compact.   Read more

March "Council Corner"

Welcome to our fourth edition of “Council Corner”.  This time, we’re going to take a look at major council action on housing and transportation issues from March.   Read more

February "Council Corner"

February Welcome to our third edition of “Council Corner”.  This time, we’re going to take a look at major council action on housing and transportation issues from February. Read more

January "Council Corner"

Welcome to our second edition of “Council Corner”.  This time, we’re going to take a look at major council action on housing and transportation issues from January. Read more

December "Council Corner"

Happy New Year!  To ring in the new year, Palo Alto Forward is introducing a new effort to increase visibility into the day-to-day policy decisions that the City Council is making related to core issues of concern to our members.  In October, we published a blog post about how to understand local housing and transportation issues.  This year, we’re going to go further. Each month, we will briefly review important votes that the City Council took in the preceding month regarding housing and transportation.  To kick things off, let's talk about december! Read more

In support of the residents of The President Hotel

Dear Mayor Kniss and Council Members, Palo Alto Forward writes in support of the President Hotel tenants. We encourage the council to extend the stay of the current tenants as requested in the letter dated December 20, 2018 from Iqbal Serang and Dennis Backlund.   Read more

The policy of housing: what makes housing more plentiful and more affordable?

This is a long post. It gets to the heart of why Palo Alto Forward exists, though: how to make housing more affordable and more available, and how can we have transportation solutions that support a more sustainable city. The tl;dr of the post below: everyone says that they are “pro-housing”, and sometimes policy discussions at City Council are framed such that each side has a “pro-housing” claim.  We wanted to dissect these policy discussions around a lens of “what would actually make housing more affordable, and what would serve to make housing less affordable”.  If you’re interested, read on :) Read more


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