Book Drive: The Color of Law

Book Drive: The Color of Law Learn more!  Read more

Honoring and Reflecting on Racial Justice

May is Affordable Housing Month!!

City Council discusses limiting PHZ

Join us to speak out on Monday, April 12th when City Council votes to prohibit apartments on 87% of Palo Alto's residential land and disproportionately raise the fees to build them. Read Palo Alto Forward's letter hereRead Steve Levy's letter and blog post here Read this post for more details.  Read more

Last chance to save Caltrain

Thank you to all of our members who signed the Measure RR pledge last week!  Ballots are out and residents are actively deciding how they'll vote on propositions. That's why we're joining the League of Conservation Voters and other environmental organizations to phone bank for Measure RR on Sunday, Oct 25th at 3PM. A 30 minute to 2 hour commitment could save Caltrain and ensure that we have the public transit infrastructure we need meet our housing, climate, and equity goals in Palo Alto and throughout the region. SIGN UP HERE Still trying to decide how to vote on Measure RR? Click here to learn why transit activists are voting for a dedicated funding source to restore and maintain reliable transit! 


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