Housing Salon: Are the region’s housing goals impossible?

On September 8th we hosted a virtual salon to talk about how we can make space for new neighbors at every income level! The aim was to help everyone get better sense of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment and Housing Element process and how to get involved. As one of our Twitter followers said, Palo Alto is an amazing city with a huge housing shortage and we want to ensure that more families and individuals have access to this resource rich community! As Isabella Chu pointed out, everything from life expectancy to future earnings could change for families able to move to opportunity rich areas. That is why we hope you will become a Palo Alto Forward member and join us in speaking out when key decisions are being made. Click here to become a member.  Not in Palo Alto? Check out The Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County and Silicon Valley at Home. Click here for a recording of the webinar.  Click here for Steve's slides on the Basics of RHNA Click here for Mathew's slides on RHNA and Housing Elements  Click here for Bella's slides on public health impacts 

Is the housing crisis over? 3 events to learn more

We are now five months into shelter-in-place and about 1 in 5 bay area residents are going to sleep housing insecure. That means that over 450,000 bay area adults have missed last month’s rent or mortgage payment - or they may miss next month's. The housing crisis is not done and neither are we! Here are 3 events you can attend to learn more about how to make Palo Alto a more affordable, sustainable city with improved housing and transportation options for everyone:  September 2nd - Housing in the Bay Area: How We Got Here and What Will Bring About Change September 8th - Housing Salon: Setting and Achieving Housing Goals October 6th - Palo Alto City Council Candidate Climate Forum  See you online! 

Wrapping up Affordable Housing Month

Thank you to all of our expert panelists, audience members, and allies for helping us host two great Affordable Housing Month events this year! Although these virtual gatherings will come to a close at the end of the month, our work is not done. If you haven't become a member of Palo Alto Forward yet, please consider joining to help us make our city (and region) a more affordable, sustainable place to call home. Did you miss our events? Below are recordings, complete with Q&A: - Click here to watch our 4th annual ADU workshop, co-hosted by the City of Palo Alto- Click here to watch our Missing Middle panelHave ideas for events you'd like to see us host this summer? Email us and share your ideas!  Palo Alto Forward's upcoming events: Seniors Only focus group on May 26th, to talk about what home means  Housing Jeopardy on May 29th, with SV@Home  

Forbidden Homes Tour

What better way to spend a sunny September Saturday morning than a walk around the block with twenty five other housing advocates?  The Forbidden Homes Tour, Palo Alto edition was a great way to explore the naturally dense, walkable neighborhood of Downtown South in Palo Alto, and to have a candid discussion about why Palo Alto has been experiencing extreme inaffordability.     Read more

Sign the Cubberley Housing Petition!

Sign the petition here! Palo Alto Forward urges the community to consider the benefits of the Cubberley site for adding some much needed housing in Palo Alto.  In particular, the site offers an excellent opportunity for a number of kinds of housing: Teacher housing--all of the master plan housing scenarios put forward by the consultant propose some number of teacher workforce units.  Palo Alto Forward strongly supports this effort to provide more affordable housing options for these valued members of our community. Senior housing--the proposed Cubberley site promises to create a community village that would be an appealing location for subsidized, lower income senior housing or other below market rate uses. Market rate housing combined with BMR units. The inclusion of some smaller market rate units can fill a missing market niche while providing the leverage to get additional BMR units. We believe that housing can be added into a small portion of the site without in any way diminishing the recreational areas and opportunities. The redevelopment of the Cubberley site offers the opportunity to upgrade recreational and community uses while at the same time adding needed housing. Palo Alto Forward looks forward to participating in the future of this important project.


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