Housing, Transportation, and Climate Change

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In September 2020, Palo Alto Forward hosted a panel on RHNA and why our Housing Element process will be crucial in the next year. Below are resources from that event: 

  • Click here for a recording of the webinar. 
  • Click here for Steve's slides on the Basics of RHNA
  • Click here for Mathew's slides on RHNA and Housing Elements 
  • Click here for Bella's slides on public health impacts 

YimbyAction has also been hosting events on RHNA and the Housing Element process. Here are their resources: 

  • Click here for a recording of their webinar 
  • Click here for their Housing Element Primer slides 
  • For assistance with monitoring specific cities’ housing elements, please direct questions to the Housing Element Coordinators at YIMBY Law: Jon Wizard [email protected]

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