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Palo Alto ADUs - Wednesday, August 29

Interested in building a Granny Unit (aka Additional Dwelling Unit, or "ADU") in Palo Alto?


Palo Alto has introduced an ordinance in the past couple of years to make it significantly easier to construct an ADU.  Come join Palo Alto Forward and Russ Reich from Palo Alto's City Planning Department (working on approvals for ADUs) to learn more about the process, common pitfalls, and good outcomes in Palo Alto.

We are a group of residents interested in crafting a vision for the future of Palo Alto that expands choice, opportunity and quality of life. We believe in approaching challenges like traffic and parking with a "can-do" attitude and believe there are positive outcomes and opportunities when we plan for future growth holistically and in strategic locations.

We are a coalition of all ages: some who are younger energetic, and optimistic that creative thinking can solve challenges many find impossible; others who are older, experienced, and keen to pass on a legacy of innovation, opportunity, great schools and amenities to future generations. We live in South Palo Alto, North Palo Alto, and the midtown neighborhoods. We own and rent. We have young children and children who have left the nest. We walk and bike and drive but we all wish we had better options.

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