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Don Weden:Change, Growth and Planning - Tuesday, September 29



Don Weden, the retired Principal Planner from Santa Clara County will present new vision for the next version of Santa Clara County. 

Santa Clara County is entering a new era in its physical development, driven by major demographic, economic, environmental, and geographic forces. It is becoming a more urban place. Our population is projected to grow by about 300,000 people in just the next 15 years – the equivalent of adding two more Sunnyvales. The vast majority of that growth will be accommodated within existing urban areas, bringing major changes, challenges, and opportunities.

In addition, 2/3 of that growth is projected to occur in the 65 and older age group, as the Baby Boomers age. By 2030, 1/4 of our adult population will be 65+ and our county’s population will be the oldest it has ever been. That dramatic aging of our population will bring many challenges, including pressures for changes in our automobile-dependent land use patterns and the need for a wider array of housing and mobility choices.

Maintaining our quality of life, while adapting to these major changes will require responsible,visionary local land use planning – and community attitudes that support well-planned, appropriately-located, higher-density new development. Join us as Don Weden shares his wisdom and insights in an informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining presentation about change, growth, and planning – as we prepare for Santa Clara County, version 3.0.

Co-Sponsors: Avenidas, Friends of Caltrain, GreenTown Los Altos, Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning, UUCPA Green Sanctuary Committee


We are a group of residents interested in crafting a vision for the future of Palo Alto that expands choice, opportunity and quality of life. We believe in approaching challenges like traffic and parking with a "can-do" attitude and believe there are positive outcomes and opportunities when we plan for future growth holistically and in strategic locations.

We are a coalition of all ages: some who are younger energetic, and optimistic that creative thinking can solve challenges many find impossible; others who are older, experienced, and keen to pass on a legacy of innovation, opportunity, great schools and amenities to future generations. We live in South Palo Alto, North Palo Alto, and the midtown neighborhoods. We own and rent. We have young children and children who have left the nest. We walk and bike and drive but we all wish we had better options.

We have one year to shape Palo Alto's new Comprehensive Plan, which will set housing and transportation policy until 2030. We invite you to join us as we engage with City Council members and city staff to champion better options for housing and transportation.  We need your help to make this vision a reality!

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