Better Options for Housing and Transportation

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Car light housing forum - Thursday, September 28



Come to see “the future”.

One of the eternal conundrums of our community is that we know that we need to build more housing, but we don’t want to add to our current traffic and environmental problems.  

Come learn about what other communities have done to provide places for people to live a life that is not car-centric.  


We are delighted to host a conversation with:

  • Nina Rizzo: Manages GreenTRIP Certifications at TransForm. The GreenTRIP program supports multifamily residential developments that implement strategies to reduce traffic, parking and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Candice Gonzalez: Palo Alto Housing Corporation President and CEO.  PAHC is designing and developing affordable housing where residents can reduce their reliance on cars

  • Wendi Baker:  Harmonie Park Principal. Harmonie Park focuses on infill development  for thriving mixed-use communities in high-barrier-to-entry markets.  Throughout her career, Wendi has shown a dedication to developing walkable, sustainable mixed-use, for-sale and for-rent communities.  


Our panelists will lead a discussion about latest trends, some case studies of nearby developments, and the challenges that must be overcome.  

We are a group of residents interested in crafting a vision for the future of Palo Alto that expands choice, opportunity and quality of life. We believe in approaching challenges like traffic and parking with a "can-do" attitude and believe there are positive outcomes and opportunities when we plan for future growth holistically and in strategic locations.

We are a coalition of all ages: some who are younger energetic, and optimistic that creative thinking can solve challenges many find impossible; others who are older, experienced, and keen to pass on a legacy of innovation, opportunity, great schools and amenities to future generations. We live in South Palo Alto, North Palo Alto, and the midtown neighborhoods. We own and rent. We have young children and children who have left the nest. We walk and bike and drive but we all wish we had better options.

We have one year to shape Palo Alto's new Comprehensive Plan, which will set housing and transportation policy until 2030. We invite you to join us as we engage with City Council members and city staff to champion better options for housing and transportation.  We need your help to make this vision a reality!

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