Missing Middle Housing


On Thurs Nov 5, 2015 6-7:30p, we heard from Daniel Parolek, a nationally recognized thought leader in architecture, design, and urban planning, who specializes in creating livable, sustainable communities. Daniel conceived the term Missing Middle Housing to describe the range of multi-unit or clustered housing types compatible in scale with single-family homes that help meet the growing demand for compact, convenient, walkable lifestyles.

If you missed his presentation live, video of the presentation can be found below and slides will be forthcoming!

The Bay Area’s housing crisis and growing aging population have led many cities to begin re-considering their options for additional housing stock, and the types of housing we may need in the next decade and a half.  Several local cities have or are currently considering updates to their second unit ordinances.  Whether you call them granny flats, nanny suites or lilypads, second units offer current residents an aging in place option by providing supplemental income or caretaker housing and they can also serve as housing options for smaller households and ranges of income.

However, second units are just one housing option that cities can consider among the broad range of missing middle housing options. Daniel Parolek's award winning professional work and research is helping communities across the country work toward meeting the current and future housing needs of their residents through thoughtful, contextual, sustainable, and above all, highly livable approaches.

Co-sponsored by: AvenidasPalo Alto Chamber of CommerceStanford Architectural Design, League of WOmen Voters Palo Alto, Transition Palo Alto, Greenbelt AllianceMountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning,  Green Town Los Altos, Palo Alto Forward, and Redwood City Forward.


  • Luis Carlos Lima
    commented 2016-02-28 22:00:26 -0800
    Presentation very well. I’ve been finding it for weeks. Thanks!! :)

  • Jean Libby
    commented 2015-11-12 18:03:55 -0800
    Dear friends, I have decided (on excellent advice) to sell my Palo Alto home of 47 years and downsize, moving to another location where I have friends and community support..
    When I came to Daniel Parolek’s presentation I learned that my adapted home with an assisted living unit (all properly vetted in design and construction in 2004) is in great need, especially when offered without great greed.
    It is my earnest endeavor to continue the use of my home as an adapted living space in a walkable urban environment of Palo Alto.
    I look forward to hearing from people who understand the Palo Alto ambiance and values.
    The Libby Family is funded as a gallery in the proposed Palo Alto History Museum based on these values and culture, honoring the community service of Ralph Libby (1924-2012).


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