Housing Salon: Are the region’s housing goals impossible?

On September 8th we hosted a virtual salon to talk about how we can make space for new neighbors at every income level! The aim was to help everyone get better sense of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment and Housing Element process and how to get involved. As one of our Twitter followers said,

Palo Alto is an amazing city with a huge housing shortage and we want to ensure that more families and individuals have access to this resource rich community! As Isabella Chu pointed out, everything from life expectancy to future earnings could change for families able to move to opportunity rich areas. That is why we hope you will become a Palo Alto Forward member and join us in speaking out when key decisions are being made. Click here to become a member. 

Not in Palo Alto? Check out The Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County and Silicon Valley at Home.

  • Click here for a recording of the webinar. 
  • Click here for Steve's slides on the Basics of RHNA
  • Click here for Mathew's slides on RHNA and Housing Elements 
  • Click here for Bella's slides on public health impacts 


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