Housing Element Speaker Series

Join Palo Alto Forward board member, Robert Chun for a monthly speaker series to learn about what the Housing Element is, why it matters regionally, what makes Palo Alto so hard to build affordable housing in, and what's happening across the state. 

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August 17th at 6pm: “What is the Housing Element?” with Jon Wizard, City of Seaside City Council Member and Policy Director at YIMBY Law

  • The Housing Element is the most important California administrative process that you’ve never heard of. It represents our best chance to build more homes statewide, as well as here in Palo Alto -- but only if you get involved. Join our conversation with Jon Wizard to learn how you can join the fight for more housing. 

October 17th at 6pm: “Why Does Palo Alto’s Housing Element Matter to the Region?” with Antonio Lopez, City Council Member in the City of East Palo Alto

  • In a recent op-ed, Antonio Lopez wrote: “the fight for racial justice won’t just be waged on the streets but in city halls all across the Bay Area.” Palo Alto’s upcoming Housing Element is an opportunity to advance -- or undermine -- racial justice. Join Antonio Lopez, a City Council Member in East Palo Alto, to learn how planning for new homes in Palo Alto impacts cities throughout the region. 

November 16th at 6pm: “The New Law of Affordable Housing” with Chris Elmendorf, UC Davis Law Professor

  • In recent years, California has reformed its Housing Element laws to crack down on cities that are evading their legal housing responsibilities. But some wealthy California cities are taking a chance with noncompliance -- and risking expensive lawsuits. Join Professor Chris Elmendorf to learn about these new state laws, and how they affect the way we need to plan for housing in Palo Alto. 

January 26th at 6pm:“Why Is It So Hard to Build Affordable Housing In Palo Alto?” with Randy Tsuda, President and CEO of Alta Housing and former Community Development Director in the City of Mountain View

  • The cost of construction, land values, and other barriers to financial feasibility make Palo Alto one of the hardest cities to develop new homes in. The upcoming Housing Element is an opportunity to make affordable housing a reality in Palo Alto. Join Randy Tsuda, the CEO of Alta Housing, to learn what unique barriers exist in Palo Alto and how you can support a more affordable, inclusive future.

RSVP here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_9ObS4N8KTBeQ5AXYkFtuMw

Find recordings of previous events here: https://www.paloaltoforward.com/past_events
November 16, 2021 at 6:00pm - 7pm


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