Housing Element (2023-2031)

The City of Palo Alto must identify sites and policies for 6,086 new, affordable homes by January 31, 2023. We don't have to build or permit these homes by then - we have to demonstrate a willingness to make them feasible here. These sites and policies will be outlined in a document called a Housing Element, which the City Council must review and the state must certify. Click here to see what's at stake if we fail to create a Housing Element that can be certified by the state.

The Housing Element Working Group, which was appointed by the City Council in April, meets monthly during this 18-month process to identify sites and policies to enable those homes. This process is complicated, even for the most adept housing advocates. That's why we're committing to breaking down the content and make it more accessible.

Ways to Get Involved: 

  • Email us to set-up a tour of the Housing Element sites in your neighborhood
  • Attend our monthly meetings to watch the Housing Element Working Group. Email Angie Evans for details: [email protected] 
    • Members of this volunteer group lead our efforts around the local Housing Element process, let us know when members should comment, and coordinate with regional coalitions like the Campaign for Fair Housing Elements. 
  • Join Palo Alto Forward board member, Robert Chun for our monthly speaker series to learn about what the Housing Element is, why it matters regionally, what makes Palo Alto so hard to build affordable housing in, and what's happening across the state.
  • Sign-up for the City of Palo Alto's community events on their Housing Element landing page. 




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