Designing Peninsula Communities 2.0


Are we designing our communities to preserve what we love about them, while also continuing to advance them as adaptive, high-functioning “live, work, and play” communities of the future? 

At this timely event we'll talk about:
- Common public sensitivities heard and encountered as the Bay Area adapts to changing conditions.
- Design techniques to shape neighborhoods and places in a way that advance the goals and aspirations of a community
- Key factors in community building using different types of density. 

Menlo Park just completed its General Plan Update in January. Palo Alto is finalizing its Comprehensive Plan. Long-term land use planning efforts are happening in neighboring communities up and down the Peninsula.

At this event, we’ll hear the perspectives of two recognized Bay Area architects and urban designers for incorporating design methodologies in everyday practice. We’ll learn about design techniques and strategies for achieving community and placemaking which advance shared goals of affordability, livability, health, and community benefit.

Our panelists will look at case studies demonstrating how trends in mixed-use, multi-family, transit-oriented neighborhood development are shaping more sustainable, livable, and inclusive communities. We’ll talk about the thresholds necessary to support key amenities and transit services, and recognize the importance of focusing on community needs and benefits for building consensus for collective action. 

Amit Price Patel, AIA, AICP, SITELAB Urban Studio, San Francisco, CA 
Adrianne Steichen AIA, PYATOK architecture + urban design, Oakland, CA

.....and come check-out the awesome newly re-opened BBC in Menlo Park!

Co-sponsored by ImagineMenlo, Palo Alto Forward

April 18, 2017 at 5:30pm - 7pm
British Banker's Club
555 Santa Cruz Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025
United States
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Camille Gonzalez Kennedy
Maya Papaya Ojany
Katherine Glassey
Andrew Barnes
Elaine Uang
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