Sign the Cubberley Housing Petition!

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Palo Alto Forward urges the community to consider the benefits of the Cubberley site for adding some much needed housing in Palo Alto.  In particular, the site offers an excellent opportunity for a number of kinds of housing:

  1. Teacher housing--all of the master plan housing scenarios put forward by the consultant propose some number of teacher workforce units.  Palo Alto Forward strongly supports this effort to provide more affordable housing options for these valued members of our community.
  2. Senior housing--the proposed Cubberley site promises to create a community village that would be an appealing location for subsidized, lower income senior housing or other below market rate uses.
  3. Market rate housing combined with BMR units. The inclusion of some smaller market rate units can fill a missing market niche while providing the leverage to get additional BMR units.

We believe that housing can be added into a small portion of the site without in any way diminishing the recreational areas and opportunities.

The redevelopment of the Cubberley site offers the opportunity to upgrade recreational and community uses while at the same time adding needed housing. Palo Alto Forward looks forward to participating in the future of this important project.


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