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Oct Transportation_Shuttles, TDM, RPP

Palo Alto has been taking next steps on programs to reduce driving and use parking more efficiently In the last year, Palo Alto City Council took major steps to transform its transportation strategy.   Sparked by controversies about car parking, Council decided on a multi-pronged approach: manage existing parking more efficiently, including residential permit parking invest in reducing demand for driving add more parking garages (see other blog post) Read more

Oct 6 PC Zoning Study Session

On Monday Oct 6 at 7p, City Council will be reviewing the Planned Community (PC) zoning (PAMC 18.38). This zoning category allows developers to propose a project and obtain relaxed standards (for height, density, parking) in exchange for a public benefit (such as a park, grocery store, pedestrian underpass, bicycle improvements).  In recent years, many people have expressed concern about projects approved under the PC process, such as size, bulk, and poor public benefits.  In response to these concerns, on Feb 3, 2014, City Council enacted a time out on PC proposals. Read more

Sept 8 City Council Study Session

Palo Alto is at an important juncture.  We are about to embark on a process to write a new Comprehensive Plan through the year 2030.  This will be the blueprint for land use, transportation, housing decisions for the next 15+ years.  If we want to support ideas to continue making Palo Alto a welcoming community for choice, opportunity and quality of life, we need to have our voices heard now.   Read more


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