Council Listens to Residents on Housing Shortage

To the overwhelming number of residents who came to speak at City Council about the need to address the city's housing shortage - thank you! There were 45 pro-housing comments made at the Land Use Element, compared to only a handful of comments against.

City Council listened to you. Council members Marc Berman, Pat Burt, and Cory Wolbach proposed motions that spoke directly to the need to increase housing supply in our downtown areas for all residents and specifically for Palo Alto's increasing population of seniors. These ideas were included in the Council's final direction for the Comprehensive Plan.

Nevertheless, it is clear that achieving our goal of a Palo Alto that remains inclusive to residents of all incomes and all ages will be an continuing struggle. Your voice will be needed in the weeks and months ahead to make sure Council addresses the housing shortage with the same urgency that it has displayed for other important issues this year such as managing office growth and regulating downtown parking.

Thanks again to all the residents who spoke or wrote in favor of housing - your voice is beginning to be heard!


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