August 9th City Council is back in session!

City Council back on August 9th
Here's what's on the agenda and why we need your voice at the meeting 
Safe Parking - Bike Infrastructure - Homelessness 

Click here to review the full agenda and staff report. 

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Attend Public Comment Monday, August 9th
Time: 6:00pm
Meeting ID: 362 027 238
Phone number: :1(669)900-6833

To speak during public comment,
 click the raise hand function on Zoom when your agenda item number comes up. For example, during the consent calendar you'll raise your hand when they say they're discussing consent calendar (#3-#10) and you'll raise your hand at Item #13 to speak about the larger unhoused programs and services item. 

Item # 5 in Consent at 6:20pm: Supporting Safe Parking 
There is an appeal to the Safe Parking permit application for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto: 

  • How to prep: Review this background document and ask your church, congregation, or synagogue to send a letter supporting this Safe Parking site. 

    Here's the Palo Alto Weekly article on it too. 

  • Our stance: Ask City Council to support the staff recommendation, denying the appeal.

    An appeal has been filed, asking for strict background checks on the 4 vehicle dwellers. Not only would background checks potentially violate fair housing laws, it creates yet another barrier for community members in crisis who are seeking services.

    Santa Clara County has recommended a more fair and effective security protocol that allows for vehicle dwellers to obtain services and stability more quickly, and responds to neighbor concerns.

    The decision regarding background checks here could impact future Safe Parking and homelessness programs throughout the city. Click here for talking points!

    Item # 12 at 7:20pm: Better Biking Infrastructure 
    They will review South Palo Alto's Bikeway planning after a tough session at Planning Commission. Here's what you can do to prioritize everyone's safety: 

    • How to prep: On August 7th, join the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition for a Palo Alto Local Team ride through some of Palo Alto's existing and planned bicycling improvements. Details and RSVP here.
    • Our stance: Ask City Council to keep the proposal moving forward to prioritize complete streets accessible to all of us!

      The South Palo Alto Bikeways project proposes biking improvements for the Waverley path on PAUSD land, Fabian Way, and East Meadow Drive. As our city plans for how to meet our regional housing needs, planning for good bike and pedestrian infrastructure will be a key component in maintaining the quality of life and safety for residents. 

      This project has been already been delayed. And it may be abandoned if there isn't consensus around the removal of 80 underutilized parking spots along East Meadow Drive. We've been counting the number of spots used here at various times and the parking has never been more than 10% utilized. 

      We're asking City Council to keep this project moving forward and support removal of 1 small parking lane. This would enable Palo Alto to utilize needed funding for the project and prioritize complete streets accessible to all of us!

Item #13 at 9:20pm: Lets End Homelessness by 2020-2025
City Council will review the Santa Clara County Community Plan to End Homelessness 2020-25 and discuss strategies for services for unhoused Palo Alto residents, including direction regarding an application for a Project Homekey Program. Here's what you can do to support to a compassionate approach to services, programs, and interactions with unhoused community members: 

  • How to prep: In April we shared this sign-on letter with our shared principles around homelessness in Palo Alto. Over 200 residents, businesses, groups, and houses of worship signed the letter in one week of circulation. 

    Read more about the Project Homekey proposal in Palo Alto Weekly's new article on here. 
  • Our stance: Support staff recommendation

    We are thrilled to see the recommendations set forth by Palo Alto's City staff and hope that this Council will support their recommendations. Palo Alto must be a good faith partner in the region by endorsing the County plan to end homelessness. In addition, moving forward on the Project Homekey proposal and developing a permanent Safe Parking ordinance that prioritized stability of vehicle dwellers will go a long way in demonstrating our community values. We hope they will continue to seek funding for an outreach position and build new affordable homes so that our temporary and transitional housing efforts enable permanence and long-term stability. 

    We look forward to working in coalition with the city and community leaders on this incredibly pressing issue. 


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