Car Lite Housing Moves Forward

On Jan 31, 2018 the Planning and Transportation Commission UNANIMOUSLY supported moving this to Council.  We will alert everyone when the Council meeting is going to take place. Huge thanks and congratulations to the 134 people who signed the petition supporting the project at 2755 El Camino Real!
In the meantime, if you're interested, here is the article about last night's discussion and passage (if you get further inspired, you can leave a supportive comment at the bottom of the article). 
For the time being, though, be happy that you helped support a sustainable, more affordable, car-light project in our city :)
In 2016, we supported the development at 2755 El Camino Real.  Instead of building lots of parking spots (at $60k per spot), they were proposing to do something different: since the building is located within 0.5 miles of Caltrain, they proposed that everyone in the building would get free Caltrain Gopasses, VTA passes, and other transportation benefits (car share subsidies, etc). 
We think that this is a positive direction for Palo Alto-- it emphasizes a kind of housing (smaller units) that are in short supply, while being thoughtful about our congestion problems. 
This is the THIRD time that it's come back to the PTC.  Each time, the PTC asks the developer to reduce the number of units (it's now 3 units smaller than when we started) and increase the number of parking spaces (it has grown from 48 to 65 spaces (!)).  In the meantime, TransFORM's GreenTRIPS program (sort of a LEEDS certification for transit-friendly design) has made this project their first GreenTRIPS certified project in Palo Alto. It also now features 12 of the 57 units as "deed restricted" units (meaning that there will be an income test to qualify). 
It's time for the PTC to ask Council to approve this project. It will be great for the community, and great for the residents lucky enough to get to live in this model of sustainable housing.
Please sign our petition here.  Thank you for your support


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