Book Drive: The Color of Law

Book Drive: The Color of Law

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In April 2021, Palo Alto Forward began a book drive. For every donation of $35 or more, Palo Alto Forward drops a copy of The Color of Law in one of our city's Free Little Libraries! Every book is purchased from local book stores and delivered by community leaders. The Color of Law recounts how public policies have intentionally led to racial and economic segregation through a case study that includes some of our own neighborhoods. Palo Alto Forward highlights this book because we know that Palo Alto can be more inclusive, affordable, and environmentally sustainable if we begin to dismantle the mistakes of the past. 

As Palo Alto embarks on the 18-month Housing Element process, it is crucial that we start with an understanding of how our policy decisions led to the economic and racial segregation that exists today. This is an opportunity to change and grow. 

Click here to donate today and send your neighbors a copy of The Color Of Law: A Forgotten History Of How Our Government Segregated America!

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