May is Affordable Housing Month!!

May is Affordable Housing Month!!

Palo Alto Forward is proud to be a sponsor of Affordable Housing month! During the entire month of May, our friends at [email protected] convene our Santa Clara County housing partners to host dozens of virtual workshops, webinars, and creative community engagement opportunities to activate and engage our community of housing advocates and the general public about our housing challenges and solutions. During this month, we'll continue putting copies of The Color of Law into Palo Alto's Little Free Libraries. Donate $35 or more TODAY to help us continue this important work! 

Palo Alto Forward is co-hosting TWO great events for Affordable Housing Month: 
-May 12th: Climate Change and Housing: re-thinking land use for our planet's future (Recording here)
-May 19th: Safe Parking: Best Practices for Stabilizing Home

MORE important [email protected] Affordable Housing Month events include: 
-May 13th: What's So Scary About Apartments? A Community Conversation (event has passed)
-May 19th: Author talk: Trespassers? Asian Americans and the Battle for Suburbia

Details below: 

Palo Alto and other bay area suburbs have led the nation in environmental policies to reduce Green House Gas emissions and protect our open spaces. But climate change is happening faster than we predicted and every jurisdiction must determine how to address this crisis. Our greenest neighborhoods are also our most dense. How can we re-think the way we design neighborhoods to promote more energy efficient, sustainable cities with robust parks and open spaces?

Join Palo Alto Forward and the 350 SV Palo Alto Team, alongside Acterra, Carbon Free Palo Alto, Greenbelt Alliance, MenloSpark, MenloTogether, and Transition Palo Alto on May 12th at 5pm to hear from:
- Amanda Eaken, Director of Transportation, American Cities Climate Change Challenge at Natural Resources Defense Council
- Justin Wang, Advocacy Manager at Greenbelt Alliance
- Sandra Slater (Moderator)

Learn best practices from New Beginnings in Santa Barbara. Their program is the first of its kind and has served as a model for dozens of communities throughout the country. We'll also have speakers from MOVE Mountain View, operators of Palo Alto's Safe Parking program in cooperating with Santa Clara County and Pastor Bains from Project WeHope and United We Build to talk about how we can move toward transitional and permanently affordable housing. 

Join Palo Alto Forward and the San Mateo County's San Mateo County's Safe Parking Working Group to hear from:
- Kristine Schwarz, Santa Barbara's New Beginnings 
- Michael Love, Move Mountain View
- Pastor Bains, Project WeHope


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