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Palo Alto Forward is lucky to be supported by so many community members.  Many Palo Altans have decided to support us as dues paying members.  We would like to particularly recognize a few members of our community who have made generous donations above and beyond our annual membership dues (of course, if you'd like to join as a member and just pay "normal dues", we love you too!):   


Community Champion: $1000+


Mehdi Alhassani

Nicole Lederer and Larry Orr

Stephen Levy

Eric Rosenblum and Titi Liu

Sandra Slater

Elaine Uang


Neighborhood Builder: $500-999


Anonymous x2

Mike Buchanan

Drew Maran

Diane Morin

Kenneth Duda


Block Captain: $250-499


Amy Sung
A.C. Johnston
Carol Danaher
Jaap Weel
Michael Greenfield
Owen Byrd
Stuart Bernstein
Susie Hwang


Project Leader: $100-249

Anonymous x 3
Amie Ashton
Asha & Anurag Agrawal
Ellen Uhrbrock
Gary Fine
Grant Dasher
Jeffrey Salzman
John Kelley
Julan Chu
Kevin Watts
Linnea Wickstrom
Lorrie Castellano
Nancy Shepherd
Naphtali Knox
Ozzie Fallick
Randy Popp
Steve Kadivar
William Courington


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